Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My family loves the clowns they make show funny. I love how the clowns do things through out the whole show. Since I was a kid I always got signatures from the clowns. On Wednesday November 12,2014 there will be a pre show at 6:30pm.You get go down and meet the clowns and others who are in the circus. That pre show is really fun for ages. It makes you feel like your in the circus. This year I will be attending the opening night show. It is on Wednesday November 12,2014 at 7:30pm. My family will arrive early to see the pre show at 6:30pm. Before and after the show they have tables up selling stuff animals, light up wands, and a whole bunch of other things.

I have been going to see Ringling Bros Circus since I was 28 years old. I know why so long right, its because as a kid I went to the Shriners Circus. I loved going to see the circus. I am not sure why my family never went to the Ringling Bros show. My first time to see Ringling Bros Show go me hooked on it. I love it because its just not a circus its a show. I recommend this show to everyone regardless of age. Its fun for all ages to see.

Here is a picture of some clowns :

So the next part my family and I love are the tigers. Here is a picture of them:

They have a beautiful white tiger there and you can buy  a stuff white tiger there.
You can check out more information about the Ringling Bros Show on their website.
Show Times and Dates are below:
The Palace of Auburn Hills Auburn Hills, MI
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