Thursday, November 13, 2014

 There is still time to go to the Built to Amaze!
These pictures below are my own pictures taken during the Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Greatest show. The theme this year is Built To Amaze!
Anything I state here is my own statements about the show.
This picture is of the Elephants very neat to see.
The pictures of the tigers and my son and I love the white tiger.
They are really fun to watch and see.

This is another picture of the Elephants.

This is a picture them doing a dance.

Picture taken during the show of different people out there.


This picture was at the beginning of the show
 and they were very high above the ground

This part was during what they said to be a clean up.

Ring Master

Gemma Querida Kirby
 The Human Cannonball
to thher side.

Stars of the Steel Vortex
This is amazing to watch.
 I think I panic more than they do.
The truck they drove out to help with clean up.

Show Times and Dates are below:

The Palace of Auburn Hills Auburn Hills, MI
Show Dates: Show Time:
Sun, Nov 16 1:00PM5:00PM
You can check out more information about the Ringling Bros Show on their website

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